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Our company is a sending organization certified by the Thai Ministry of Labor, mainly in Thailand, and works with local partners to recruit, develop, and introduce human resources.

By selecting people who will be able to work with the company. Our must have the qualifications specified by the company. by the company has set the standard to ensure our long-term growth builds a good image and credibility.


Specified Skilled Worker Visa (Tokutei Ginou)

In April 2019, Japan established a new status of residence, "Specified Skilled Worker (SSW)", to welcome capable specialists from overseas countries to work in certain Japanese industrial fields, to function as workers ready to take on jobs without prior training.

Specified Skilled Worker (SSW) must have pass japanese language test and skills test.

Types of Specified Skilled Worker Visa

The Specified Skilled Worker (SSW) visa in Japan is divided into two main types, each with its own specific requirements and qualifications.

  • Specified Skilled Worker Type 1 (SSW Type 1) 5 years limit of residency and not allowed bringing family in Japan.
  • Specified Skilled Worker Type 2 (SSW Type 2) No limit years of residency and allowed bringing family in Japan.


1.Age 18-45 years old
2. Have the results of passing the Japanese language exam JLPT N4 or higher or JFT Basic-Test.
3. Pass the skills exam (Specified Skilled Worker Tests).
4. Those who have completed 3 years or above of technical intern training in Japan will be exempt from taking the Japanese language test. But if you want to change careers, you must take a specialized skills test in the relevant field.

Company's services

Job introduction

Company side – Proceed to find applicants who meet the qualifications set by the company. with standards to ensure that the company will get workers that meet needs

Job seeker side - provide jobs and recommend good jobs. and appropriate to the needs and skills of the applicant


Coordinate between companies and job seekers to make job interviews go as smoothly as possible, such as setting an interview date, having an interpreter for the interview (in some cases), notifying results and following up after the interview, etc.


Support in preparing various documents including visa applications signing contracts and more

Go to Japan

Provide complete care and consultation Help coordinate work as well as job seekers traveling to work smoothly. By maintaining the highest standards and acting legally.

The main activities of the company

Recruit and select applicants to meet the needs of the company.

Coordinate between applicants and companies to be smooth

Give great advice to candidate and companies.

Register for a job

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